IA-based End-point protection

The internet and mobile devices have dominated the world in recent decades. The digitization and technological advancement come with their by-product – Cybersecurity issues. The hidden weaknesses in a network have cost millions of business and non-business entities their data privacy followed by sheer financial losses. This raised a need for some strong protection against these attacks. End-point security appeared as an answer to all these problems.

What Is Endpoint Security?

Endpoint security or endpoint protection is a strategy to make the network secure, especially when remote devices attempt to establish a connection with it. When a device connects to the internet, it generates an entry point. These entry points, if located by cybercriminals, would be used to access the associated network system. More mobile devices reaching to a network means increased susceptibility to security threats.

Endpoint protection is often mistaken as antivirus but these two differ from each other. Antivirus only addresses the limited security issues of a single device. Whereas, endpoint security is about protecting the whole network. It is almost true that antivirus is just one element of endpoint protection out of many. The major elements of endpoint security, however, are network access control, application whitelisting, and endpoint detection & response.

How IA shifted the endpoint security practices?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being put into best use to devise better and competent endpoint security solutions. The incredible benefits have been seen rolling out recently after the implementation of IA and machine learning into endpoint security. The self-predictive models analyze any object at the entry point and never fail to detect even the hard-to-detect malware. Both the analysis and detection happen in real-time. The time frame and the speed of detection are crucial factors when it comes to preventing the breach attempt. The quicker the response, the more chances to block the breach. With the implementation of IA and machine learning, it is now possible to detect and block a breach attempt within milliseconds.

Lesser Updates, Lesser Vulnerability

The major nuisance with deploying the traditional endpoint security solutions is the regular updates. You need to update your system every now and then which puts your whole data under vulnerability while the updates are still downloading. During this time, your network is more susceptible to breaches and security threats. On the contrary, the latest endpoint security requires far less frequent updates. This low-maintenance structure of modern endpoint security strengthens the network overall.

DNA Level Malware Detection

The modern endpoint security software puts the objects at the entry points of a network under intensive reading, much like in a manner the human DNA is read. The software reads the content of each file aiming at the detection of any hidden malicious software, file, or document. This leaves the least probability for any malware to enter a network. The modern software is also capable to remember how the threats and anomalies look and would block them in the future.

An endpoint protection system must be deployed to garner the many intangible benefits which can turn into massive revenue in the long run. If your endpoint protection system is robust and you are confident enough to ensure your customers about the safety of their data, you are likely to win their unwavering trust. This puts you in a strong position in a business, strengthening your relationship with your clientele and making them your referrals.

Cylance and Carbon Black are the most renowned companies to provide endpoint security AI & machine learning-based software. Besides these, many other companies are also providing solutions for endpoint protection implementing IA and machine learning.

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