Parental Control Apps for Kids Safety

Parenting has become incredibly tough in this digital age. In an environment hijacked with devices filled with several apps have exposed a world to the children that they shouldn’t know about yet. 21st-century kids are also tech-savvy and know their way around smartphones better than their parents. In such a chaotic environment, it’s certain for parents to stress about ‘how to keep their children safe’ from inappropriate content or several other kinds of malware.

Several parental control apps have to come to play their role in this regard. Parents can install these software applications on Android smartphones or iPhones to ensure their kids’ safety from inappropriate content and cybercriminals. These apps are mostly free of charge except for some.

FamiSafe App

This application lets you monitor your kid’s device remotely. It is necessary to download the apps on both devices. You’ll be able to do these things with this app:

  • Set screen limit on your child’s smartphone
  • Lock and unlock the device from your phone
  • Both yours and your kid’s smartphone will get the notification upon exceeding the set screen limit
  • The kid/s won’t be able to continue their activity on the smartphone until you permit them to do so
  • You will be able to block anyone specific app on your kid’s smartphone

FamiSafe works best on Android and iOS devices. It’s easy to understand and use. With so many useful features ensuring your kids’ safety in so many ways, paying a few dollars every month in return is a nothing but win-win.


Qustodio application has software that supports Android, iOS, Mac, and Amazon Fire Tablets. You can download it on multiple devices to lock specific applications in Android and iOS devices. Although, this application works for only a few applications on iOS while it works for a wide range of applications on Android.

Qustodio’s notable features include:

  • Call and text monitoring on Android
  • Set time limits for individual devices and individual apps
  • Powerful web filtering on iOS
  • Limited location tracking on both iOS and Android
  • Block indecent content from your kids’ devices
  • Control gaming and many other apps
  • Monitor your kids’ activity on several social media platforms
  • Real-time location updates

Qustodio offers two plans – free and premium, although the free plan comes with limited options.

Norton Family Premier

Norton Family Premier is loaded with several powerful features that a parent could ever want. This app includes features that work best on both Android and iOS:

  • Location-tracking
  • Time-scheduling
  • Web-filtering
  • Web-monitoring

Although text-message monitoring and app management are not supported on iOS.


SocialShield is the best free parental control software for all those parents who want to monitor their kids’ internet activity. The most useful feature of this application is a security suite that can be downloaded for Windows. This security suite lets you monitor your kid’s activity on social media. You can also get real-time updates remotely with this app.

Parental control apps have eased parents’ life to a greater extent. These apps are a great help to conduct effective parenting in this digital age.

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