Who We Serve

Small and Mid-sized Business

Dealing with IT issues can be very time consuming and costly. We can provide you with ongoing IT consulting, day to day support, and the technical guidance to get the most out of your IT investments. Our dedicated IT team provides your organization all the IT support required at a fraction of the cost of managing your own IT Department and Staff.

Large Businesses

Our large and enterprise clients typically have a dedicated IT staff or an entire IT department. However, project or IT initiative might be required where the internal IT team can use that extra resource or technical expertise. As your technology partner, we can easily work with your internal IT team to get the job done and empower your team to manage and support any initiative moving forward.

Public Sector

Running a public sector organization’s IT Department is a challenge. We can augment your team if you are understaffed, facing unattainable deadlines, or need skills in a specific technology.

We understand some of the issues faced by public sector:

  • Elevated Risk for public sector because of public impact and personal information
  • Constant budget issues
  • Considered easy targets because of constant budget constraints
  • Breaches become major public relations issues making them very high profile


Non-profit organizations are vital to our society. If you are a smaller non-profit with a small fully remote team or much larger with multiple locations, you are facing incredible challenges due to economic pressure and continued demand for services.

We understand that your organization must balance your goals of:

  • Reaching new donors
  • Provide as much impact as possible within your service delivery area
  • Engage and serve within your local community
  • Minimize expenses
  • Make cost effective decisions
  • Provide full transparency to a Board of Directors

Our services are here to provide support for non-profit organizations at every step of their success.  

We take care of your IT so that you can take care of your business

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