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Optimus Tech Solutions was founded with the goal of delivering a full range of IT products and services at the highest standard. We partner with our clients, working with them to find their best IT solutions.

We approach our business with professionalism, strong and reliable customer service, and a great attitude. We believe our commitment to our customers is what sets us apart from the competition in the IT space.

Our Methodology
Optimus Tech Solutions tailors its services to your business needs. Our innovative model ensures that our solutions match your IT and business goals.

  1. Network Assessment
  2. Network Analysis
  3. Suggested Approach
  4. Execution
  5. Proactive Support

Fast, easy, simple and responsive… this is our pledge to all of our customers. Optimus Tech Solutions was created because we felt there was a gap in the IT provider marketplace. Too many providers didn’t consider the best interests and desires of the businesses they served and, in turn, they ultimately failed to deliver value



Having an in-house IT person may seem like an attractive option, but it’s not always viable. One individual may not be able to support and maintain your entire infrastructure. A typical business needs someone who understands networks, can support various systems (PCs and Macs), wireless technologies, software, mobile and VOIP. It’s often difficult to find one individual with the required expertise.

Look to Optimus Tech Solutions as your premier provider of IT services, where we guarantee that our team of industry experts will have the skill set to solve all your problems. We will guarantee the support, direction and growth of your IT infrastructure.

Our pledge to our clients is “Fast, simple, easy and responsive”. Optimus Tech Solutions was created because the company felt there was a gap in the IT provider marketplace. Too many providers didn’t consider the best interests of the businesses they served, and in turn, they ultimately failed to deliver value.

We like to call this the “Optimus Edge”.

  1. Experienced Staff
  2. Risk Mitigation
  3. Service Guarantee
  4. Customer Support
  5. Our “Partner First” approach


Optimus Tech Solutions was built upon the dream of delivering IT solutions to businesses located in the GTA. The Optimus Tech Solutions leadership team is comprised of members who strive to achieve and deliver the highest quality service to clients, in a friendly and upbeat manner.


One half of the Optimus Tech Solutions leadership team, Peter has many responsibilities which include: Leading the Operations team, developing new Software capabilities, ensuring effective Customer Service and managing Relationships with our Customers and Vendors. Peter brings with him an extensive software development background and experience within the world of IT Consulting. This experience has led Peter to believe that Communication is the key to a good working relationship. “If you simply tell people what you’re going to do and then deliver, customer value is usually the result.”


As the other half of the Optimus Tech Solutions leadership team, Vince Tilley is responsible for running our Operations Implementation Team as well as our Customer Relationship Management. It is his job to set direction in regards to Architecture Design and Hardware and Network Implementations. Vince brings over 10 years of IT experience including his Microsoft certification and extensive knowledge of the Digital Signage industry. Vince strongly believes that “if you do things properly, you’ll only have to do them once.” Our company wide approach is built on this edict.

We take care of your IT so that you can take care of your business

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