Managed IT

IT Support

If you’re looking for an IT partner to manage and support every piece of hardware and software on your network then this is for you. You can put your trust in Optimus to handle everything from infrastructure and server maintenance to new user set-ups and day-to-day support requests. Optimus Service agreements include real-time remote support for every member of your team, and a dedicated field team (Canada-wide) for on-site support when necessary. Whether it’s recovering a forgotten password or combating ransomware, we understand how important it is for your team to have their questions answered quickly, by real people. Our Client Support Team is available during business hours across Canada.

We make supporting your team and protecting your data easy by offering our solution for a set monthly fee based on the number of users and servers, not the number of devices.


  • Expert IT Support with no usage limits
  • 3rd Party Vendor Management
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Best-in-Class Tools
  • On-Site & Remote Support
  • Technology Leadership & Strategy
  • Proactive Management
  • Security Essentials
  • Multi-Factor Authentication

Data Backup as a Service

Our backup software is designed to automate data backup to any data centre. It is capable of compressing and encrypting the data with a user-controlled password before the data leaves the environment.

The data is securely transferred to the cloud either on schedule or in real-time. Our solutions also come loaded with file-system, SQL Server and Exchange support, as well as flexible retention policies and incremental backup.

We can back up and restore to any of the following scenarios:

  • Physical Server to Physical Server, VMware or Hyper-V in any Data Centre
  • Hyper-V Server to Physical Server, VMware or Hyper-V in any Data Centre
  • VMWare Server to Physical Server, VMware or Hyper-V in any Data Centre

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Data safety is a core business concern these days for every organization.

Organization need to be prepared to ensure that the business will continue to operate even during potentially catastrophic disasters. Customers, vendors and staff are all expecting the organization to maintain a certain level of comfort with a detailed disaster recovery plan in place, this process requires much more than simply implementing business cloud backup.

Our solution provides the following:

  1. Removing Business Disruption from IT Outages
  2. Meet and exceed every RTO/RPO defined within the organization
  3. Mitigating the Risk of Ransomware
  4. Ensuring 24/7 Data Protection and Recovery
  5. 24/7 monitoring of servers and infrastructure
  6. Enabling a multi-cloud strategy in Canada, US or abroad

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Data Archiving as a Service

Data archiving is the process of identifying and moving stale data from current production systems and into cost-effective long-term archival storage systems.

Moving stale data out of production systems enhances the overall performance of resources required while specialized archival systems store and manage the information more cost-effectively and provide for instant retrieval when needed.

Organizations typically set their policies for determining what qualifies as stale data that is to be moved into archives. These policy settings are then used to automate the process of identifying and moving to the appropriate data into the archive system. Once the data is in the archive system, all information remains online and accessible.

Original content, file properties and meta-tagging are all preserved to ensure complete, reliable integrity for the entire life of the archived information regardless when the material is stored.

Key take-aways: Backup and recovery run much faster, disaster recovery is significantly less costly, and the overall infrastructure is easier to manage. Stale data moved to archives is stored at a much lower cost, either in Canada, USA or abroad.

Network Protection

Through our Managed IT Services program, we provide a variety of network security services that create and enforce IT processes and procedures that prevent data loss and intrusion.

Taking this a step further, businesses can prevent, detect, and remediate the inevitable intrusion attempts through our best-in-class managed firewall service. Preventing data loss and business interruption due to malware, ransomware, and intrusion attempts, a managed firewall service can save small business tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

Network Protection

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)

Whether you are concerned about a specific type of threat, or you want to make sure your organization is compliant, our managed security solution covers IT cybersecurity, compliance, and reporting.

It takes a multi-layered approach to security to deal with the variety of threats currently present. Most organizations discover that their IT team has a skills gap where cybersecurity compliance or incident response is concerned. Or perhaps, you need to implement a SIEM and reporting platform to produce the reports needed for compliance purposes.

As an MSSP, we have developed several layers of security tools and software that are all geared specifically to meet the security and compliance needs of any business.

We take care of your IT so that you can take care of your business

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