We have noticed a significant increase in phishing and scamming emails being sent out over the past several months. These emails are worded in such a way to convince you that they are completely legitimate. Please heighten awareness and take extra care when viewing emails that don’t look quite right; users give up more than just a username and password when they click on and enter data to these phishing emails. Tips for protecting yourself
Windows Hello is a perfect solution for those users who don’t like entering the password every time they log in. Windows Hello uses a biometric-based approach which allows the users to enjoy more exclusive rights to log in than a password could ever provide. You can log in effortlessly using your physical features such as fingerprint, iris scan, or facial recognition would let you log in instantly. This doesn’t only stop here but there’s much
Of all the scam methodologies, phishing is the most sophisticated and specific one. Innocent-looking emails in your inbox posing as some attractive deal, business offer, or from your known authoritative can cost you much more than you can ever imagine – data loss, system failure, reputational and financial loss. Several companies and common people have been fallen prey to phishing. 1 out of every 99 emails received is most probably a phishing attempt. Many incidents
Parenting has become incredibly tough in this digital age. In an environment hijacked with devices filled with several apps have exposed a world to the children that they shouldn’t know about yet. 21st-century kids are also tech-savvy and know their way around smartphones better than their parents. In such a chaotic environment, it’s certain for parents to stress about ‘how to keep their children safe’ from inappropriate content or several other kinds of malware. Several
The internet and mobile devices have dominated the world in recent decades. The digitization and technological advancement come with their by-product – Cybersecurity issues. The hidden weaknesses in a network have cost millions of business and non-business entities their data privacy followed by sheer financial losses. This raised a need for some strong protection against these attacks. End-point security appeared as an answer to all these problems. What Is Endpoint Security? Endpoint security or endpoint

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